/New in Android Task Manager: Multiselect

New in Android Task Manager: Multiselect

We are moving on to describing another new hot and long-awaited feature for your
Android to do list app  – Multiselect!

Now you can select several tasks from any branches and not only complete, move, copy, cut, delete all of them at once, but also mark as completed or incompleted, skip occurrences and edit properties for them. It’s fast and efficient!

You can open the feature from the bottom menu: tap the ellipsis button -> Multiselect (see the screenshot above).

Tip: you can place Multiselect to the toolbar or promoted action button.

Tip. You may also select either all or none of the elements available within the current view. Please find this option on the top panel.

For instance, you would like to set the context for all elements available within the current view. First, being in Multiselect mode, tap “All” on the top panel and click on the green pencil button (that is “Edit selected tasks”).

After that, tap the field of contexts to access the context list. Now all you have to do is to tick the desired context or create a new one by tapping the “Add new context” field.

Ready? Click “Save” and then “Done” to apply your settings.

 If you wish to return from Multiselect mode, use a back tap or just click “Done” to close it.

Tip. You need to run the Pro version to use the Multiselect feature. 

Do not hesitate and try this truly great feature to save lots of time in future. As always, we are happy to receive your impressions, suggestions and other feedback here and on our forum.

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