/New in Android Task Manager: Toolbar Configuration

New in Android Task Manager: Toolbar Configuration

Today we are going to describe another handy feature for your to do list app on
Android – toolbar configuration!

would we need a toolbar? It is true that being a sophisticated solution
with multiple options and features MyLifeOrganized provides us with a
lot of opportunities and appliances. However, some of them are often
more necessary than other, so we may need to perform some of the actions
quickly and regularly. So now you can place such actions to the free
space on the bottom toolbar pane.

Toolbar with default actions

us consider this feature in more detail.To start with, you may open the
settings using a long tap on the toolbar or use the settings (General
Settings -> Toolbar Settings). Here you will see the list of 
available actions which can be configured to be added to the actions
visible in the free space on toolbar.

a plus to move an action to the list and a minus to move it back.
Having finished your setting, you may return to your active view and see
the changes — new actions added to the free space in the bottom

you can see, this screen is too small for all four actions to be seen.
No problem. In this case you’ll enjoy rotation, so that you can see how
the space for actions has doubled in size:

what if you are used or wish to get used to tap in a particular place?
Don’t worry. Please feel free to set the order of actions in your
toolbar by tapping on the right beside the action:

Tip. The description of an action can be viewed with a long tap.

that if you set an action as visible in the toolbar pane, it will be
removed from its regular place in the toolbar menu. For example, as we
have moved “Undo” to our toolbar, it is going to disappear from its
regular place:

Tip. You need the Pro version to use this feature. 

Don’t hesitate to try this feature to improve your personal productivity and interaction with the app.

The MyLifeOrganized team
Life is easy when organized